Who We Are
Game Developers
We put all our passion into the games we create. Be it mobile, web or standard PC/Mac standalone, there’s no new technology we’d be afraid to use and no goal too far away to reach. We love games and games love us!
Character Designers
We have given birth to dozens of unique characters. Lively, funny and stylish - we deliver the very special touch of originality and high quality. In virtually any environment our designs always fit and excel.
Unique character
Content Creators
Our PREFABRICA brand has been helping other creators to bring their projects to life since 2006. We supply a wide range of ready made game assets - from 3D models and textures to programming solutions.
Programming solutions
3D models
Flufee Soundbox
Kiki: Zombie Slayer
Latest Stuff
The development kitchen is always busy and full of various flavors. We just love to cook.
Flufee Soundbox
Flufee is your personal talking friend. Cute and always curious, ready to entertain and be adored.

Earn your friends' applause when you Burp and Fart on the party! Shotgun Fail Sounds like a boss! Grow your humor and enhance your jokes' punchlines - Be Awesome Now!
Flufee Screen No.1 Flufee Screen No.2 Flufee Screen No.3 Flufee Screen No.4
Since 2006
Second Life
We have been active in Second Life since 2006. Browsing through the seven years in
business, there's a long row of successful products and satisfied customers behind us.
We have also provided thousands of designers the resources they needed to incorporate into
their projects. The virtual worlds are our home playground.